Travel Sickness 

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What is Travel Sickness ?

Travel sickness is caused by repetitive pronounced movements which affect the balance mechanism of the inner ear. .

 A typical examples would be the stop - start of a car, coach or bus. This is often compounded by the smell of stale cigarettes, food or diesel fumes.

Another example, and often the most potent, is the boat or small ship. The brain not only has the forward jerking motion but also the pitches from side to side to contend with. Add to this the up and down motion typical of heavy seas and you have a  powerful recipe for motion sickness











How Does Travel Sickness Cure Work ? 

Motion sickness occurs when repetitive small movements mean the brain is sent mixed messages. The eyes say one thing about the position of the body, whilst the  inner ear balance mechanisms report something different. This confusion usually results in feelings of nausea, sometimes vomiting and cold sweats

The travel sickness cure uses accurately calibrated sound wave frequencies to calm the mind and block these mixed messages. The product will act quickly but can take up to 10 minutes to be effective

We strongly advise that the product is used with headphones and that your eyes are kept closed .



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