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New Binaural Music

magick ritual
Magick Ritual

Over 40 products, including astral projection,  using new binaural mixing technology. This is not simple binaural tones embedded in music. The music itself is remixed to create the binaural effect. The overall sound is spectacular. The music no longer distracts the user and contributes to the depth of entrainment. Each product lasts for 70 minutes. Click on the picture for more details, free samples and to purchase.

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Magickal Focus

How To Master Magick

  • Cast awesome spells with immediate effect

  • The true science behind real magick 

  • Now you can have anything you want

  • Download , plug in and listen
  • Fully Guaranteed

It Doesn't Matter If You're An Inexperienced Neophyte or a seasoned Magus - This Brand New Magickal Focus Technique will increase your power and potency

Discover the Secrets of REAL Magick & Sorcery

If you had REAL magickal ability, REAL WISHCRAFT,  What would you do with it ? 

What would you wish for... Money? Love? Happiness? Friends? Health? Protection? Revenge? POWER?


Only the greatest sorcerers and alchemists in history have ever understood the true basis of magick and sorcery


With the power of Super Visualization your spells will manifest easily and quickly

With the command of Unwavering Concentration your rituals will be secure and productive

With the control of Magickal Focus you will achieve all that you desire

 Most spells, incantations and rituals fail because the practitioner does not have sufficient focus or will to materialize the intent. 

Magickal Focus automatically gives the practitioner this focus and will.

Remember :

  • without Magickal Focus your spells are unlikely to work properly
  • with Magickal Focus your spells, rituals and incantations will get more and more potent.

The universe is a collection of vibrations and frequencies. Everything has its own resonance. 

  • If you know how a person resonates. You can influence that person
  • If you know how an object resonates. You can influence that object
  • If you know how any system resonates. You can influence that system

Magickal Focus allows you to tap into that resonance quickly and simply.

The process is very simple. You listen to the Magickal Focus frequencies through headphones or on stereo speakers. You do this at the same time as you practice your spell or ritual. The frequencies help to focus your own vibration and resonance. The frequencies help to raise and direct the energy necessary to materialize your desired action.

Magickal Focus

is simple enough for an inexperienced beginner to use
is effective enough to impress even the most advanced user

works 100% no matter WHAT you are working on

Buy the download, the CD 
or the value compilation CD below...

Magickal Focus 

Cost:  $29-95     

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Magickal Focus CD (includes shipping)

Cost:  $39-95     

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Super Download Pack 1

Super Download Pack 1

Astral Projection, Super Astral, OOBE, Magickal Focus,Shaman Wave, Om Harmonic, Lucid Dreaming, Hypnotic Induction, Spiritual Manifestation, Love Manifestation

10 Harmonics in 1 download pack



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Mega Download Pack

Mega Download Pack

Over 40 brainwave harmonics,17 subliminal  programs, 9 NLP programs, 8 nature sound programs + full version of Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics E Book. Click on the title for more information



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Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics E Book

Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics E Book

Click on the title for more information 



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Free Sample

Free Sample

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Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics Revealed


Astral Projection Training Manual

Absolutely free access to our new step by step astral projection training manual AND the  famous    E Book Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics Revealed


Over 30,000 other free E Books and softwares including psychic development, tarot training, hypnosis course, magickal texts,astrology software, rune casting, I ching, dream interpretation, wicca, crystals,etc.etc,etc

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